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In short, YES! Especially with the help of a decoupled production company.

In this podcast by Inside Jobs, industry experts discuss the state of in-house agencies today, and the findings of an IHAF study that caused quite a stir in the industry press, having been picked up by the Wall Street Journal. The study suggests that the quality of creative generated by in-house agencies is on the rise.

A key example mentioned in the podcast is the Experian campaign that we had the pleasure of working on, where we witnessed first-hand how an in-house agency can partner with a decoupled production company to create premium quality content.

Interestingly, the IHAF study reveals that traditional agencies do not see in-house agencies as a threat. Rather, they see in-house agencies as a complement to their work, providing for a deeper understanding of brand.

Have a listen…

This podcast is supported by the In-House Agency Forum and hosted by Robert Berkeley (from Express KCS).