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We’ve worked at some of the world’s largest advertising agencies, and have spent the past 12 years creating content for brands and their in-house agencies. Here, we share some of our thoughts and ideas on the past, present and future of creative industry.


How to let your Creatives do their best work

Creativity has no rhyme or reason. It happens when it happens, most often when we least expect it. And, in an age where brands need to tell their own stories, nurturing creative talent has become a universal concern.

Where’s the story in my company?

One word crops up again and again when talking about advertising and marketing: ‘Storytelling’.  And, for anyone hoping this trend would one day fade away, we have some bad news. It’s not going anywhere.

What is Decoupled Production?

Production is a complex business, and Decoupled Production has been a trending phrase for several years in the advertising industry. What is Decoupled Production? Well, it helps to first understand how “full-service” ad agencies work, so let’s start there...

Creator Spotlight: VR Character Artist Tara Packard

Tara Packard is a character animator, whose shipped titles include AAA games such as “The Sims & Sims 2”, “Lego Island” and “Madden Football”.

Is Branded Entertainment the Future?

Branded Entertainment is about telling stories through the prism of a brand’s DNA. Not only has it become an essential piece of a modern brand’s ever more complex marketing puzzle, but it has become a core competency that brands must embrace...


Emma Bittman is a VR Artist and Creative Director known for bridging industry-standard workflows with VR tools for commercial projects.

Creator Spotlight: VR Engineer Alex Silkin

Alex Silkin has been working in VR development since 2012, prior to the release of the first modern VR consumer headset, the Oculus Rift. His primary focus has been motion controller mechanics, VR avatar embodiment and user interface.

How to create a music video for an Oscar-nominated song… without spoilers

Working with The LEGO Group, Mike Teevee produced a fun music video featuring everyone’s favorite LEGO characters, while showcasing a new line of LEGO products. The result was almost 4 million views on YouTube and a happy client.

Mike Teevee and Experian’s In-House Agency Collaboration

We’re thrilled to have worked with Experian’s amazing in-house agency ‘The Cooler’ on a campaign to launch 'Experian Boost’, an innovative new tool to improve your credit score.