Invisible Man (2016) | Short VR, Dark comedy | May 2016

Low-level drug traffickers Nick and Kid share a secret: they have high value narcotics stashed in a barn somewhere. But they also have a debt to pay – to Frank. When Frank suddenly shows up at their’ hideout, they have no choice but to oblige in his sadistic proposal to settle scores with a variation to the game of Russian Roulette. Each click of the chamber reveals a little bit more about each character in the room.

The Invisible Man is an absurd short 360-degree drama created specifically for VR goggles (like Oculus Rift and Gear VR). How does Frank know which chamber the bullet lies? And what role does the viewer play in the drama? It may take you 5 views to figure it out, but in The Invisible Man the answers are all around you, literally.