Zimata Svurshi (“Winter is Over”

Mike was thrilled to collaborate with composer and pianist Joep Beving, and director Hugo Keijzer, to produce a short film set to, and inspired by,  Joep’s music.

Known for his solo piano recordings, streamed over 330 million times to date, Joep explores new musical territory in his track, titled Post.

The accompanying film, Zimata Svurshi (“Winter is Over”) follows a mother (played by Renáta Martinová) and her teenage daughter (Klara Müller), a vulnerable young person engulfed by the darkness of depression and anxiety.

During lockdown, Joep reflected on the many fears eroding the hopes and dreams of countless young adults, and recognised the need to counter existential angst with the consoling power of unconditional love. “While I was thinking about the meaning of Post, so much was happening in the world,” he notes. “That moved me to focus on something that’s affecting kids in so many countries and leaving such a deep mark on their lives. This piece is mostly a message of love and hope.”

Zimata Svurshi won awards at both the Liber Films Festival (Best Music Video, Best Covid-19 Film) and the Hollywood Blvd Film Festival.

Post is released by Deutsche Grammophon and is available for download on Spotify.

The Making of "Post"

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of ‘POST’. Hear from some of the talented people involved in the creation of both the music and the accompanying music video (‘Zimata Svurshi’ / Winter is Over), which addresses anxiety issues amongst teens and the power of love to overcome darkness.